A Brief Introduction

Hello and welcome to our new website! In case you’re new here, we are the Carol Stream Historical Society. We decided to update our website so it’s easier for us to use, and most importantly for you to read and navigate. We are all volunteers here, so please forgive us if this new site isn’t completely perfect yet; like anything, it is a work in progress.

Our ultimate goal is to collect and preserve the history of Carol Stream and the surrounding area; we have found one of the best ways to connect with our audience is through the Internet! We hope you enjoy our new website as much as we do. Be sure to leave some feedback, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and pop in for one of our members’ meetings to see what we’re all about! 

One comment

  1. I hope Jim Canon is still doing well! He used to buy raspberry chocolates for the secretaries at ACOG. I was just looking on Zillow and remembered Carol Stream. Your town is lovely! Katy g


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